Ideas for Your Unique Beach Theme Weddings

Posted on 19 April 2012

Outdoor weddings are the most beautiful, using the right time of the season to feel the natural beauty and celebrating your big days. Among outdoor weddings, beach theme wedding is one of the most popular themes. With a sunset at the background and the sea waves, a couple begins a new journey of their lives. It is exotic, romantic, and beautiful and you do not need to spend too much. Here are some tips to help you perfect your beach them wedding.


To make your beach wedding decorations stand out, everything associated with the sea can be used, such as seashells, marbles, driftwood, star fish, sand and etc. If the wedding is in the night, the flaming tiki torches can help you make your wedding more romantic, and so do the candles.


When it comes to the attire, it is much lighter and simpler than a traditional one. Casual clothes are just all right. The groom and the bride can wear white or cream, being colorful is also a wonderful choice.


The invitations for a beach wedding serve as a prelude to it. Beautiful colors, shells, star fish, sand and etc. can make contributions to fabulous invites. You can design them in unusual shapes such as like a starfish or flip flops. You can also make usual beach invites. Here are some examples of beach wedding invitations for you.


Beach scene wedding invitations: Beach wedding invite reflect that the magic moment will be full of fun and excitement, features the beach with a beautiful blue ocean. Shells and coconut trees on it tell your guests it is a beach theme wedding.


Romantic seaside wedding invites: The honeymoon marks the beginning of the journey when two people come together to share life. If you plan to do it the same way, this is just the perfect card to kick start with. The baby blue sky, dark blue sea water and the sandy brown seaside make a wonderful picture of the nature.


Coconut trees wedding invitation: Rhetoric seashore will surely make your invite stand out from the crowd. The card merely has a slanting coconut tree printed across its right hand side. The picture is a processed photograph and it gives a fairly realistic look to the entire invite. The theme is especially made for your casual wedding party.


These are some simple yet unique beach wedding ideas. There are of course others things need to be taken into consideration. A little creativity and your efforts can surely make a perfect wedding.


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