Wonderful Red Wedding Invitations Shine Your Big Day

Posted on 03 May 2012

Many couples may want to have their wedding during a holiday season. For the most part, family and friends have the time to get together celebrating the wedding and they are already in a festive mood. In addition, you can use the current holiday theme for the ceremony to your wedding. A lot of colors are used in these themes, and red is one of the most popular colors among them, for it adds a romantic touch and excitement to the wedding.Red Wedding Invitations


If red is chosen for the main color of your wedding invites, a deep and darker shade of red will exude elegance at a formal wedding. If you like red but do not want it to be the main color, you can use it as the accent color. Red hearts and red roses can surely make a wonderful accent and alive the whole wedding ceremony. Red wedding cards are not only a beautiful and elegant choice for your wedding; they are also wonderful selections for couples wishing to include red elements into their ceremonies. You can use red accents on your wedding cake, red favors, red flowers and etc. to make your ceremony more fabulous.


There are so many shades of red that you can surely find the exact one you want. Light hues of red can incorporate throughout you display and darker hues of red can add a contrast as well. Here are some samples of red wedding invitation cards for you.


Cute Snowflakes Red Wedding Invite: The color of the whole card stock is red. White snowflakes and your wordings using the same white color printed on the card make it the romantic and elegant entirety. Red is mystery code, yet waiting anxiously to be revealed. It is no holds barred arena and some congratulate others with dominance.  Because of the snowflakes, this kind of wedding invitation card better fits winter time wedding.


Red Hearts in Ribbon Wedding Invitation: The white card stock with two red hearts in ribbon on it makes the whole invitation simple but very romantic. “We will start our new lives!” This beautifully simple invitation perfectly fits the special occasion. Your chosen wording is printed to the right of the design with black and red colors. It is a kind of invite fits for any time wedding.


Red is a sensational color for wedding which can add a romantic and enthusiastic touch to the whole wedding.


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