Considering Ribbons and Flowers When Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

Posted on 24 April 2012

Wedding is distinctly important to everyone, for that it most probably be only once in the whole life. Most new couples always do their utmost to plan out a unique and comfortable wedding ceremony to create tangible and sweet memories for both themselves and all the esteemed guests, making everything in perfect order. Among them, wedding invitations are all important. Invitations give the first impression to the guests what your wedding will actually be and they can full express your respect for them. Under this circumstance, choose the right wedding invites seems to be formidable.Ribbon and Flowers Wedding Invitations


If you are getting tired of all the traditional wedding cards styles and are seeking for invitations that can fully speak of your personalities, wedding invites with ribbons and flowers are great choices for you. Some brides may prefer flowers on the front of their card, which can be designed as a wedding bouquet. If you use a single red rose, it means love and passion, your only love for each other. Choosing the season flowers which can reflect your wedding season seems to be a wonderful idea. Generally speaking, orchids can be uses for spring flower wedding invitations; lotuses stand for summer; chrysanthemums symbolize autumn and plum flowers signify winter.  A single flower folded wedding cards can also be very elegant and romantic, which are very popular these days. In addition to this, peach blossom wedding invites are also looks great for spring.


Ribbons are a brilliant way to add a bit of opulence to any card but especially a wedding invitation. A good idea would be to glue the ribbon on one side of the card generally on the left hand side leaving the wording to be inserted on the right hand side. To stand out your invitation cards, you can add a ribbon with a bow to the top of the card, then your chosen wordings under the bow, connecting the whole with layered style cards. Rain of Maple Leaves Ribbon-Layered wedding cards can be fabulous for your fall time wedding. Have a memorable beach theme wedding with Romantic Beach Photo Ribbon-Layered Wedding Invites. Couples can also use ribbons to break up the wording and insert a colored ribbon around the middle of the card. When guests untie the knot they then can see the wedding words inside the card.


Foe me, I used Christmas Ornament Ball Ribbon-Layered Wedding Invitation for my Christmas time wedding. We had a really fantastic time and it will never be forgotten. Hope these ideas can help you.


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