How to Make your Wedding Invitations Wording

Once delicately drawing up a plan for your significant day, you should get down to picking out the most desirable and memorable wedding invitations which are commonly regarded as an excellent intermediary for sharing happiness and felicity with all the respected guests. In addition to such an enjoyable part of your wedding preparation, it is also of vital importance to make appropriate wedding invitations wording which should be a tough task for most engaged couples.

On the premise of being clear in both language and meaning about times, locations, activities, directions or anything else that may or may not be involved in your special ceremony, you should also have your wording for various themed wedding invitations involving both science and art. Conforming to rules of wedding etiquette and matching refined wedding verse, perfect invitations wording can attach an admirable tone of your elaborately planned event and reflect the spirit of the special day.

Here follows two essential issues which you’d better taking into consideration when choosing wording.


Formality indeed has a great effect on wedding invite wording. Preparing for a formal nuptial? Thus traditional or classic wedding invitations wording should be a suitable intermediary and collocation for your wedding themes, such as "Mr. and Mrs. John Perry and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferg invite you to share in the joy of the marriage uniting their children..." Since the wording for contemporary wedding invitations is becoming more and more casual leading to greater choice for wedding invite wording, new couples could take a different approach as "With joyful hearts, John and Geneva Perry and Thomas and Sandy Ferg invite you to the marriage ceremony uniting their children..."

Wedding Invitations Wording


Who will host this nuptial is another indispensible factor that you should take into account. The typical wedding invitation wording samples for either one or both set of parents' hosting are mentioned above. Provided that couples decide to the host of their own event, an invite for brides and grooms’ inviting might read "Jessica Sue Perry and Brian James Ferg request the honor of your presence..." or "Each day begins fresh and new knowing I'll be spending it with you Jessica Sue Perry and Brian James Ferg request the honor of your presence..."

Couple Hosting Wedding Invite Wording

Many a times, the state of matrimony also lead to a subtle wording change. For instance, invitations wedding for two divorced parents’ hosting might read as "Mr. John Doe and Ms. Geneva Williams request the honor of the presence of..." Or if one of two sets of hosting parents is divorced, wedding invites would read "Mr. John Doe & Ms. Geneva Williams and Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ferg requests the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children..."
Wedding invitation wording, epitomizing the nuptial themes and personal characteristics acts as a decisive part for manifesting the great refinement of wedding from details. Taking any special circumstance into consideration and in concordance with basically wedding invitation etiquette, engaged couples can make favorable wording for wedding invitations.

Divorced Parent Wedding Invitations Wording